About Woomie

Hello YOU, I’m glad you found your way to my blog :D. I’ve always loved photography and have been following numerous photoblogs for a while, dreaming about my life as a photographer LOL. I bought my camera a couple of years ago and allowed it to accumulate dust because I felt overwhelmed by all the buttons I had to get used to, the manual I had to read, lighting I had to learn amongst other things. I even took a class but learnt close to NOTHING! Let’s just say, nothing is as easy as it perceives to be. And so I decided to take matters into my own hands and made a commitment to myself and “Camo” {which is my camera by the way ;)} that I will post a picture a day this year and hopefully learn a lot and share in the process.

This blog will showcase the moments, objects and beauties of LIFE :). Anything that catches my eyes that I may have overlooked in the past.

“It’s amazing what you see when you LOOK” ~ Woomie

“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them. “ Elliot Erwitt

PS – Sorry, the 1st few days are on my Facebook, it should be open for everyone’s viewing 🙂 while I figure out how to post them all in here in order!

Thanks for visiting and I hope you come back again and again =D

Please don’t save/copy these pictures. If you need a copy, email me at olawunmi_88@hotmail.com and we can make something work. Thanks

19 Responses to “About Woomie”

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog the other day and for your nice comment. I’m looking forward to visitng yours. I’m trying to do the photo-a-day concept as well.

  2. Wonderful photography. I’d love to see more. Many of your photos would be awesome graphics for some of the topics I love to write about. Thanks for visiting http://www.walterstafford.wordpress.com I would love to know how you discover my site.

  3. LOVE your photos! and your blog. I just started blogging and I too love taking pictures, but as far as both things go I am just playing it by ear and learning. Glad to have found you!

  4. Hello. What a beautiful photo.I also like to take a photo and to watch a nice photo.

  5. Loving your work man…… WOW!!!! Beautiful

  6. Thanks for the visit to my new blog! Your pictures are really great. Keep up the good work!

  7. I love your photography! How you can take just simple, everyday objects and turn them into art – beautiful.

  8. wow, your photos is awesome. I love taking picture and just a few months ago getting my first dslr and still learning to use it. I hope to learn from your work 🙂

  9. looking good

  10. looking good so far

  11. Hey Woomie,
    It has been quite long since you last visited my blog and shared your valuable feedback! 🙂
    Here are some tokens of remembrance, and appreciation for you. I will actually be glad if you just visit and accept, no rules necessary.
    Sincere wishes,

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