Day 130 ~ If You Think You Are Standing Firm, Take Heed Lest Ye Fall

Can I give you an advice [in case you didn’t already know it]? Don’t! and I repeat – DON’T go grocery shopping hungry. It’s easier to avoid temptation than to resist temptation.

I went grocery shopping starving yesterday and bought the whole store, mostly treats :(. Everything was calling out to me, and I couldn’t resist. I’ll sure be gaining 50 pounds by the time the week is over. Fast ffwd – I wanted a cup of water this EARLY morning, it’s 1:06AM by the way, opened the refrigerator I see this cake saying my name (I can’t believe I even bought the whole cake), and I’m eating it right now. Well, it has strawberries in it, so I’m partially eating healthy right? Gosh, I have fallen HARD!

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