Day 94 ~ Do You Have A BALANCED Life?

So today has been sort of a lazy day for me. Hey, it’s allowed :p Catching up on my movies etc. I should be sleeping but shhhh, we’ll talk about being responsible some other time. HA

How is your life? Skewed a little to the left or right. All work and no play? Or perhaps, all play and no work? All a…bout you you you and not others (relationships)? All about spirituality and not taking care of yourself, family or finances? Is it balanced? Find a healthy balance 🙂

2 Responses to “Day 94 ~ Do You Have A BALANCED Life?”

  1. I have read Nicholas Sparks at first sight. You should join good reads if you have not. I read all of Sue O books as well. Dave Ramsey is the best for improving debts.

    • I love N. Sparks. Ohhh, I’ve read one of Dave Ramsey books and do follow his blog. It helps me in dealing with my clients 🙂 Where is “good reads”?

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