Day 82 ~ Slave Mentality/Self-Imposed Slavery

Drew is a very sharp kid with an IQ of 140, programmed to be a good citizen. He goes through the whole shebang of going to college; getting his bachelors, masters and hell, even a PHD. Top of his class with SO much passion, drive, wisdom and knowledge and he gets asked “So what company do you want to work for?” He is thrilled at all the options laid before him – Goldman Sachs, Toyota, Apple, Google, Boeing, ExxonMobile, etc. “Take your pick”. He chooses Apple, which came with an exceptionally excellent package for him. He is truly happy there. He is truly happy to be a conformists, I mean, he’ll throw in ideas here and there to make SOMEONE ELSE’S VISION progress.

Have you thought about how our society is played out? Do you see what I’m seeing? Do you see that companies are paying for your knowledge, using you and limiting what you can achieve, what you can do? Forget about following you instincts or gut feelings. Great men we read about were not employees but employers. They made and created THEIR OWN WORK. They didn’t hide in the safety net of others ideas because they were scared of personal failure, NO! This is something I’m struggling with too (WIP). If you’ve carved a way for yourself, KUDOS! You are awesome šŸ™‚ If you haven’t, think about it!

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