Day 81 ~ Heyyy, Look At ME!!! I’m On Sale.

You Can’t Find A Better Deal. Pick ME. Choose ME. Take ME. I’ve Cut My Head And Hands Off, So You Don’t Have To Pay The Full Price. I Will Compromise. I Will Reduce My Values And Standards So I Could Be Possessed. So I Could Be Taken. I’ve Been Waiting and Waiting For Too Long In This Boring Shop; Getting Ancient, Getting Out Of Style. I Don’t Wanna Even Compete With The New And So I’ll Settle.

I Beg You. Do Not Sell Yourself Short. If You Do, The Taker Will Not Value, Appreciate or Treasure You. Before You Know It, The Taker Will Be Going On Another Bargain Hunt. So Please Do NOT Compromise.

This Is In Regard to ALL Facets of Life 🙂

The 2nd Image is a Better “Sucky” Representation of what my idea was but the lady in the store came out to confront me for taking a picture of their store hahaha. When I explained what I was doing, she eased up and said “Ok, carry on, it’s fine” Noted, I shall ask next time before I start my paparazzi moves. It was SO embarrassing LOL. I didn’t even bother to continue to get it right…shame on me!

2 Responses to “Day 81 ~ Heyyy, Look At ME!!! I’m On Sale.”

  1. am going shopping sooon 😀

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