Day 80 ~ Broken

Yours truly was accidentally breaking stuff today. It wasn’t funny at all – from the deep cuts to the ER visit to the stitches… *sigh*.

So I look at this broken glass and think about broken relationships, broken trust. Can we really, genuinely say that we can 100% trust a person who has broken the initial trust? Reall…y? Just like a broken glass, we can put the pieces back together by using an adhesive (forgive) but the cracks will still show (can never be forgotten)

Oooh, by the way, I was kidding about the deep cut, ER and stitches :p I’m ALL good!

3 Responses to “Day 80 ~ Broken”

  1. You almost made me believe you were in the ER. The cracks will always show, but if we look closely, there’s always beauty in the cracks. In other words, the eventual story ends with a testimony if we keep walking in the right path.

    • Haha. Got you :p! I love your spin on this. We can always look back to see what we’ve had to overcome, which may make the relationship stronger. Thanks Jaycee 🙂

  2. broken always is hurting ,,

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