Day 60 ~ Hidden Key

Hmmm, so I needed this key to unlock a filing cabinet at work today but couldn’t find it and I was the only one who had a copy. I tore my whole office apart, poured out all that was in my purse, looked in my pockets and found it NOT! “I must have left it in the house” I thought. I drove all the way back home during lunch, searched and searched and still didn’t find it.

Guess where I ended up finding it? In my car :/. I was SO happy I found the key ~ what I was looking for. I didn’t think about the time and fuel wasted; I was just happy *whew*. Lesson 1- I drove miles to look for something that was right there in front of me. Lesson 2 – Get it together Woomie. Lesson 3 – Don’t quit searching till you find what you’re looking for. Find the key to your freedom. Find the key to your joy. Find the key to your peace. And unlock them 😉

2 Responses to “Day 60 ~ Hidden Key”

  1. Loved the lesson#3 !! nice shot !
    And a nice new look too 🙂

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