Day 59 ~ E-X-I-T

Sometimes we force ourselves into doors that shouldn’t be opened. It may be a career you thought was for you because society stated it was the most rewarding; now you find yourself struggling, bored and unhappy. Or being in a relationship just because you’ve known that person for awhile and it just feels safe; leaving you miserable and unexcited. Whatever it is, start planning an EXIT STRATEGY.

As long as we have life, anything is possible. As we EXIT February into March, make WHAT YOU WANT happen. Au revoir 🙂

4 Responses to “Day 59 ~ E-X-I-T”

  1. Cool picture I like it, and great little bit of inspiration to just be selfish for once instead of going with the unhappy flow and do something to make you happy.

  2. This is just the word for me today…Thank you…you’ve been such a blessing in the 2days I have known about this blog
    Keep up the good work

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