Day 54 ~ Beautifully Holey

Fresh faced, beautifully made-up, has everything one could ever ask for but holey. Something missing, void.

When I think about how much we ask “How are you?” and get a “Fine”, “I’m good” answer. They may look fine but are they really? I wonder how many honest “I’m goods” there are. Hmm, all I hope and pray is that you, yes, YOU have someone you can confide in to release all the “I’m really not so goods”. Toodles 😀

6 Responses to “Day 54 ~ Beautifully Holey”

  1. Woomie I am like your biggest fan……… I try not to comment on everything……. but………. I love your mind its so healthy……..

    • Thanks Super-Jones!!!!! Feel free to drop a comment on EVERYTHING LOL. I love to hear what my readers think…it’s always good to rub minds 😉

  2. Cool picture, and your comment really hit home. Is almsot easear to put on that smileing fake face then let someone know what really going on and maybe making your day just a bit better.

    Thank you.

  3. Thats true…sometimes we need to really check if they r truly ok, and if you have someone trustworthy to confide in, then you are blessed. luv ur blog!

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