Day 43 ~ Gifted Hands

I really admire people who can play any instrument. Myself and a friend were chatting today about an instrument we’d love to play. I would love to play the PIANO and he said the drums. I’ve had a few piano lessons here and there but was never patient enough to perfect the skill 😦 Maybe after I perfect my photography I’d focus on that…hmm maybe 🙂 What instrument would you like to play? or should I say – What are your skills/talent? What are you doing to develop them?

12 Responses to “Day 43 ~ Gifted Hands”

  1. Love the pic.

    I started as a piano player when I was 10 (23 yrs ago) and decided I wanted to try to add guitar. I wish I’d tried it at least a decade ago. Absolutely love playing it and am thrilled with my progress.

    • Thanks 🙂 So you must be a master piano player huh *jealous* LOL…It’s never too late to start anything. I’m happy for your progress *give yourself a pat on the back*

  2. Sure you haven’t been stalking me? Because the fact that I want to learn how to play a musical instrument (and become gifted with my hands, so to speak) has been haunting my mind for the past few weeks.

    This is such a beautiful shot, Woomie 🙂

  3. Love this! I sing, and I adore singing! But I have truly been telling myself, especially lately, that I need to learn the guitar. Was thinking about that hard last night, so funny to see this pic today! Maybe it’s a sign? 🙂 thanks woomie!

  4. You are as gifted dear !

  5. Such a “fly pic” as we young people say it.. I love the piano and can play some (mostly Coldplay songs) but not enough to put on a performance….. I just wish I could find more time… I also would love to play the guitar…. I think that would be more of my forte….. ; )

    • Haha. Nice…I absolutely love Coldplay :). I hope you find time to perfect your skills. One thing I know I need to work on is TIME MANAGEMENT LOL

  6. Wow i love this picture! Im a guitar player myself, and it is such a great instrument to play 😀

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