Day 34 ~ What do you SEE?

When you look at a piece of paper, what do you see? Something you write on? Do you see the first page of a book? Or perhaps an artwork? Or a recipe? Hmm, or imaginably the next boat, house, airplane,car…design? Or…Wait! The next invention? Musical composition? Do you see your business plan? Or maybe you just see something you can write on. Remember, we are limited by what we see! So I’ll ask you again – What do you SEE?

My friend wrote this poem after seeing the picture. Enjoy 🙂

I see;
a forest of trees, that bleed away
hundreds of growth years
as they are felled and cut.
As their barks are sanded,
…fined and mashed to a pulp,
and bleached,
sun dried and cut again
to the satisfaction of mans gain
worried only about the papers grain
too thin and wide would bleed out ink
bright and slippery,
would it frame the perfect smile?
Or would the finely sewn synchrony
of alphabets like polka dots
on its dull, clean-white background
be the key to unlocking someones’ closed ways
or will they hold the secrets of ancient days?
Would it be flexible enough
for a scroll to reveal God himself?
maybe they would bury a child’s playful thoughts
with his stick friends in a note pad
as they arrange a beautiful orchestra
and dramatically act out an opera
or maybe, just maybe
explain the cure for cancer.
Shall these words make new laws
or will their choruses ensnare us in prejudice
would they scream out lies
or be a gentle caress on the soul
letting spines tingle.
Shall they make bellies rumble and tongues water
or maybe they shall outline
the hollows in our foundations
On a dirty brown sketch pad.
But what do I see?
a plain sheet of paper
lying in my imagination.
What do you see?


6 Responses to “Day 34 ~ What do you SEE?”

  1. Looking at a paper, I see something waiting for me to write on… to fill it strong, persuasive words…Something ready to convey my message to others!

  2. I only c where my mind is @ dat pt in time>>>>so rite now i c d bahamas!!hahaha

  3. I see — whatever my imagination want it to be. 🙂

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